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best nails salon in tecom. best nails salon in barsha. one of thee best salon in dubai for nails and gel.

dubai most amazing nails tecom al barsha. gel extensions al barsha tecom 

Best Facial and peeling in tecom. best peeling  in barsha highest. if you are looking for amazing facial or peeling in dubai. semi permanent makeup lips  in dubai. one of the best SPMU salon for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips. lips in recon. lips in brasha . best lips in dubai. 

Ellyssar ladies salon rated the best hair color salon in Dubai & colouring correction: highlights, low lights, blayage & Ombre.  Ellyssar beauty salon have highly qualified  stylists that provide various hair related services including hair straightening, coloring, styling and much more. Ellyssar HAIR Salon Located in TECOM AL BARSHA HEIGHTS    

how to get bigger, more beautiful eyebrows in Dubai with microblading and  semi permanent make up. Eyebrows microblading is the best semi permanent make up  you can do to  your eyebrows specially in dubai tecom barsha heights.  Welcome to ellyssar salon, you are here which mean you tried the following search like Salon Dubai, Beauty ladies Salon In Dubai, Salon in Dubai, Beauty Salon Dubai, Hair Salon In Dubai lips, hairdresser in Dubai or microblading eyebrows Dubai this show that you are very interested in one of our beauty services we offer in barsha tecom Dubai. best Semi permanent makeup experts in Dubai specializing in HD or 3d eyebrows. We specialize in EYELASH EXTENSIONS by finding the best lash look for you. If you are looking for the most beautiful lashes you can get in dubai barsha or tecom contact us to try our EYELASH EXTENSION or lvl lashes . we use the best techniques to create hair stroke effect eyebrows, and lip enhancement for amazing and natural long lasting beautiful results you can get in dubai marina.

Lash extensions dubai

We uses the finest and best lashes, which will not make any damages to your natural eyelashes, we can make amazing  looking eyelashes extensions. Best of all, with our expertise, your eyelash extensions will last for between three to four weeks. 

Price List


Blow Dry               

Wash and Cut                                                       Wash, Cut and Blow Dry                

Roots Color

Full Color                                                        

Highlights Half Head

Highlights Full Head




Hair Do

Keratin Treatment


Botox Treatmnet

Protein Treatment

Deep Repair Mask


Hair Extensions





Microblading  + Touch-up 


Ombre Brows / Shading


Eyelashes Extensions

- Classic

- Volume 2D - 4D

- Mega Volume  5D - 7D

Eyelashes Refill   3 - 4 Weeks

Eyelashes Lifting 








Gel Polish Manicure | French

Gel Polish Pedicure | French


Gel & Acrylic (Extensions)

Set | Color | French

Refill | Color | French

Overlay | Color | French

Gel For Feet

Repair Per Nail

Removal with Manicure

Nails Arts

per Nail

per Nails Set

Stone each


Skin Sensation Gold

Age Defense 

Nacar Brightening 

Shine Stop (for oily skin)



80 - 200

150 - 250

200 - 400

200 - 350

350 - 650

250 - 550

400 - 700

400 - 700

500 - 700


200 - 400

800 - 1500

700 - 1500

800 - 1500

800 - 1500 

150 - 200

150 -300


800 - 1500

800 - 3000




550​ - 850




360 - 460


160 - 280







115 | 125

125 | 135


320 | 350 | 370

200 | 230 | 250

250 | 280 | 300







380 - 700

330 - 600

330 - 550

380 - 480

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Best Hair Salon Dubai
Best Hair Salon Dubai
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Best Salon in Dubai for Hair
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Hair salon Dubai Al Barsha
Best Hair Salon Dubai
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Best Hair Salon
Hair Color Salon In Dubai

 Ellyssar beauty salon dubai is an exclusive hair, microblading, eyelashes, lvl lashes, semi permanent make up and beauty destination that offer to the daily demands of the Ladies who are continuously looking for gorgeous Looks.  

We have also developed a very natural and customised technique of eyebrows shaping and eyelashes whereby we create hair strokes imitating your existing brow hair and lashes that can fit your eyes naturally. This creates perfect and natural looking eyebrows and eyelashes. If you are looking for the best salon tecom  barsha dubai youhave found the best place in dubai for semi permanent make up and microblading .

Ellyssar aims to transform the way our customers look and feel, each and every day, making sure clients leave our salons feeling happy. Whether it’s cut, colour, microblading, eyelashes, or beauty treatments, eyelashes lifting lvl, semi permanent make up lips, hair cut, highlight, ombre color or ombre brows you have found the best salon in dubai tecom barsha heights  .  

 If you are looking for the best hair salon in dubai or top salon in dubai you must visit ellyssar ladies beauty salon tecom barsha heights. Ladies salon in dubai that offer hair, eyebrow microbalding, eyelashes lifting.

​German hairdresser in dubai. top quality services in Dubai Barsha.  One of the best ladies beauty salon in dubai. Get the best hair cut in dubai and hair color like ombre, highlight or hair cut 

​Ellyssar ladies beauty salon  is one of the best salons in the Emirates to offer a amazing experience. we do our best to meet the diverse beauty needs, ellyssar ladies beauty salon dubai offer a complete range of treatments and services for hair, eyebrow microblading, eyelashes lifting and extensions and nails. Our services included hair treatments, hair colors, hair styling, waxing. we specialize in nail care services, we also offer manicures, pedicures, nails extensions  and nail art dubai  tecom barsha. best nail salons in Dubai for your pampering pleasure.

Ellyssar Beauty Salon is an exclusive hair, eyebrows microblading, eyelashes, semi permanent makeup and beauty salon located in tecom barsha heights . If You want longer, thicker, curlier and beautiful eyelashes. But you want it to more look natural And last longer then you must try the lashes lifting  in ellyssar beauty salon dubai.  One of – if not the most amazing beauty salon in Dubai is ellyssar ladies beauty salon  – we have  has built an international reputation with brilliant hair services like ombre colors . Situated down near dubai marina and Al barsha. ellyssar beauty salon dubai staff  is always searching for the latest in colouring technology, and quite literally.  our salon looking always help you to get the best  services in dubai for microblading , hair, eyelashes, nails, waxing. We specialize in EYELASH lifting and EXTENSION . Whether you're looking for beautiful eyebrows or lashes in a daily routine for life book your appointment with ellyssar beauty saloon tecom dubai. Semi permanent eyelashes enhance your natural lashes by adhering a synthetic eyelash to each natural eyelash to create longer, more voluminous lashes. Lash 

Hair salon tecom dubai media rotana atana hotel grand millennium hotel  gloria hotel dubai 

Come and enjoy in the best salon in DUBAI-TECOM  barsha heights.

In ellyssar ladies beuty salon  we offer best services for hair , eyebrows microblading , nails  lashes lifting , waxing, nails , nails EXTENSION, eyelashes EXTENSION. 

ellyssar beauty salon is one  of the top salons in dubai in all beauty services  like eyebrows microblading and lashes lifting and ombre colors in dubai tecom barsha heights

if you want long eyelashes you have to try the new LVL lash available in ellyssar beauty salon Dubai. gloria hotel dubai , next to atana hotel and media rotana hotel. tecom best beauty salon and barsha heights.

one of the top salon in dubai and the best in hair color and ombre colors eyelashes lifting LVL  lashes and eyebrows microbalding.  beauty salon or hair  salon  or brows services in dubai is always  is ellyssar beauty salon.   

Nails salon in tecom barsha heights next grand millennium hotel media rotana. Ready to look amazing and have the most beautiful from nails in dubai?

We offer nails art  and chrome nails in dubai tecom barsha salon . gel Extensions and the best nail dipping powder  in dubai tecom. gel polish salon. we've become one of Dubai's most trusted beauty nails  salon services including gel Extensions, dipping nails , nails dip powder, gelish, shellac,  nail art dubai recon barsha heights  

Dubai best hair salon that offer all the hair services (highlights , haircut, ombre, hair color, hair  extensions) that you need plus top quality eyebrow microblading , eyelashes extensions eyelash lifting, LVL salon.  Best hair salon in Barsha Heights next to Media Rotana Hotel, Atana Hotel and Grand Millennium Hotel Gloria hotel. Best Hair salon in Tecom

Contact Us

104 1st floor Al Amiri Tower, Tecom, Dubai UAE

 Tel : 044 27 6623 - Mob : 055 693 1237


Saturday - Thursday : 10 am - 8 pm

Friday : OFF

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Ellyssar Beauty Salon
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