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Ellyssar Beauty Salon

Eyelashes Extensions & LVL Lifting

Eyelashes Extensions


Treat yourself to a full set of Individual Eyelash Extensions with the best salon in DUBAI Ellyssar Beauty Salo.Extension are applied individually lash by lash to your own lashes, creating a fuller natural look by a member of our team. Individual Eyelash Extensions are already a huge hit with female celebrities.


The great benefit of these Eyelash Extensions is that they do not clump together like traditional false eyelash extensions. They are practically weightless and give you an overall effortlessly 'glam factor' look. In today's society as women we are constantly on the go and very busy, this is the perfect solution for women who love to look glam with minimal time.


With semi permanent eyelash extensions there is no need for layers of mascara, which means there is less time getting ready in the morning. You simply flutter your lashes and go. They are perfect for work as well as nights out. Book your appointment today and visit our beauty salon in Dubai.

We look forward to seeing you soon for your new glamourous individual eyelash extensions and remember if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

LVL Eye-Lashes Lifting 

Eyelashes Lifting Dubai
Eyelashes Lifting Dubai
Eyelashes Lifting Dubai
Eyelashes Lifting Dubai
Eyelashes Lifting Dubai

Introducing the unbelievable revolutionary LVL Eyelash Lifting natural lash treatment to Ellyssar Salon in Dubai.

No more lash curlers every morning or fake heavy lashes attached every month.

LVL stands for Length-Volume-Lift and is an eye treatment based on using your own natural lashes to create

a fantastic lengthening wide eyed look that will also give your lashes a voluminous lifted appearance.

Whats the difference between LVL and a perm?

The main difference between a LVL lash treatment and an eyelash perm is that, unlike perming, LVL doesn’t curl the lashes. Unlike a perm rod, the silicone shield will straighten and lift from the root, thus creating the lengthening.

A curl will curve back on itself loosing the all important length. Also as no solution is applied on the tip of the lash, there will be no damage or potential frizzing or fying to your natural lash. It just creates a natural healthy look.

Whats the difference between a LVL lash treatment and an eyelash extension?

Eyelash extensions are great if you want a party look all year round. However, as we are all very busy with our lives, having extensions takes up time, as it requires continuous maintenance to look great, not to mention a very costly affair.

LVL lashes will last between 6-8 weeks, and will look great all the time without any thought or time put into it.A bit of mascara for a WOW night time effect or just au natural for the day time. So for those of you who prefer a low maintenance regime, a LVL lash treatment is perfect.

Who should have LVL lashes?

LVL lash treatments can benefit anyone who wants wider, brighter, more feminine eyes. However, this particular lash treatment is especially effective.

If you are of Eastern Asian descent –People from this region commonly have very small eyelids, which causes the eyelashes to grow downwards and also make them look shorter due to the tiny fold of skin concealing the base. LVL will have an incredible effect on narrow eyes and is the most effective way of lifting stubbornly straight eyelashes.

If you are redhead or blonde you will most often have very pale, delicate eyelashes. This can make even the longest eyelashes look completely invisible. A LVL lash treatment will darken the lash and help define the eye.

People with naturally long lashes – sometimes even curling can’t help people with very long, straight eyelashes. These people often find that the moment they apply mascara to curled eyelashes, they begin to straighten again under the sheer weight. With LVL treatment, these heavy straight lashes are able to stay lifted day in and day out.

How often can I have a LVL lash treatment?

Depending on your natural lash shedding process, every 6-8 weeks.

What CANT I do after a treatment?

We would recommend no water, swimming, mascara or heat treatment like sauna and steam for approximately 24 hours after your treatment.

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